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Get Involved

At Bethlehem University, we are often asked, “What’s the best way to help?” In addition to visiting Bethlehem University and supporting our work financially, you can impact the lives of our students and community in other creative ways. Bethlehem University needs passionate people to spread awareness about Bethlehem University.  Here are some ways to get involved.

Stand in Solidarity With Us.

  • Pray for the people of the Holy Land, especially the students, alumni, faculty, and staff of Bethlehem University as we look forward to the permanence of justice and peace.
  • Take legislative action. Call, write or email your local and national officials in efforts to bring peace to the Holy Land.

Bring Bethlehem University Home.

  • Become an advocate. Share the story of Bethlehem University with your friends and family. Want to reach a larger audience? Consider making a presentation to your parish or your favorite community group. You might even host a speaker from Bethlehem University.
  • Host a student for the summer. Enrich your family’s life by sharing your home with a Bethlehem University student. Students selected to participate in internship opportunities abroad have a high level of proficiency in English.
  • Hire a Bethlehem University student to intern for your company. Internships can be a rewarding experience for both you and students. As interns, students put the skills learned in the classroom to test in a realworld professional experience. Internships can take place in your office or, depending on the type of work, interns can telecommute from Palestine.
  • Volunteer your time and your skills. Are you a writer, graphic designer, photographer or videographer? Put your creativity to work. Writer volunteers can help in a variety of ways including writing newsletters, writing profiles of our community members, as well as generating stories for our website. Graphic designer, photographer and videographer volunteers can provide invaluable support in developing and enhancing materials like brochures, short films, and imagery for our website and reports  to promote Bethlehem University.
  • Live near Bethlehem or Washington, DC? Volunteer services are also welcomed.

Do you have other interests or an idea? Please e-mail to find the volunteer opportunity that suits you best.

Nadine Abu Jildeh, Accounting Major,
BU '11 with her hosts and mentors,
Albert and Lily Hazbun.

Loujine Khouri, Accounting Major,
BU '12 with her hosts and mentors,
Fred and Liz Chavez, and
supporters from the
Western Lieutenancy.

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