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Instructional Technology Unit (ITU)

Equipment Lending Policy

Bethlehem University encourages the utilization of technology in teaching and learning activities.  The University, through the Instructional Technology Unit, provides a variety of equipment for lending to currently registered students as well as employees of BU to be used for purposes directly related to academic work.

List of Available Equipment



Loan period and special conditions


Digital Camera for photo and video shooting

4 hours (no overnight)


13” Laptop

4 hours (no overnight)



4 hours (no overnight)



4 hours (no overnight)


Wireless microphone

4 hours (no overnight)


LCD Projector

4 hours (no overnight)


Conference speaker/mic for Skype conferences

4 hours (no overnight)


HD webcam for Skype and other video conferences

4 hours (no overnight)



4 hours (no overnight)


Digital recorder

4 hours (no overnight)



4 hours (no overnight)


Lending Conditions

The equipment can be checked out by currently enrolled students and full time/part time employed faculty and staff with valid University ID cards.   The person borrowing the equipment must read and agree to this policy and any other rules as explained by ITU staff.

Lending equipment to the student senate must be done after the approval from Dean of students office.

It is strictly prohibited to check out equipment on behalf of other individuals.  
The ITU will not release any equipment to an individual unless that
person is present at the ITU Office to collect the equipment.

ITU staff will access the condition of the equipment before checkout and upon its return. Once the equipment  is checked out, the borrower assumes full responsibility for the equipment and all its components. It is highly recommended that the  borrower inspects the equipment he/she is checking out before leaving the room.  If any damage or issue is identified, it should be reported immediately to the ITU staff before leaving the room.   Once the borrower leaves the room, he/she becomes responsible for any and all damage to and/or loss or theft of the loaned equipment.

ITU owns limited number of equipment to lend out, thus it is essential to return the equipment as soon as you finish using it or by the set deadline.  Calling ITU to report late returns will not prevent fines from being charged to your account. Please see below for list of overdue fines and damage fees.

Equipment must be checked out and returned during regular business hours of the ITU.  Equipment should not be dropped in at the Library circulation desk nor at the drop box outside the Library.

In the event that the borrowed equipment is damaged or lost, the borrower is required to report this information to ITU staff immediately; Fees and fines will be charged for any damage or equipment lose.

Personal Data

Bethlehem University is not responsible for any personal data or documents saved on the borrowed equipment. The borrower is solely responsible for saving files to cloud storage services (Google Drive, OneDrive, dropbox ..) or USB drives.  You can ask any ITU staff to help you with moving your data and files from the borrowed equipment.  All data will be erased from all borrowed equipment upon return.

Overdue Fines / Damage Fees

Overdue fines are charged to encourage the prompt return of items in order to ensure the availability of the equipment to others.

Damage fees:

Damage fees will be assessed based on the damage in the equipment. If equipment is deemed unrepairable then a total replacement fee applies.

Students and employees will have to pay any fees or fines incurred because of late return and/or damage.  The amount of fine/fee will be assessed based on the delay period from the set due time of return, or in case of damages, it will be assessed individually based on the extent of damage, whether the equipment is under warranty or not, or if a replacement of the equipment is necessary.

If equipment is 3 days past due, then the ITU will report the equipment as lost and charge full replacement cost of the equipment to the borrower.  In addition, the borrower will lose his/her equipment loan privileges for one year.

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