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Instructional Technology Unit (ITU)

ITU Facilities

The ITU is located on the Garden floor of the Library building and hosts different type of facilities to be used by University community.

  • ITU Lab

    ITU Computer Lab (L006)

The computer lab contains 16 PCs + 1 Teacher station. Similar to all computer labs at BU, the teacher station is connected to a projector and a sound mixer. In addition, AirServer is installed to allow teachers to connect their personal devices to the projector through the teacher station. This lab is mainly used by ITU team for training purposes, as well as by studnets to perform thier work and projects related to media production.

For a list of the programs installed on the computers, please click here


  • Studio

    Video recording room (L004a)

The room is setup as follows:

      • Sound proof
      • Lighting ready
      • Microphone
      • Audio mixer
      • Chroma ready
      • TeleprompterCamera

To reserve the room, kindly click here.


  • Two Audio recording rooms (L008a/b)

Audio Recording rooms

Each room has a PC connected to a mixer and a microphone for audio recording. The rooms are soundproof.

To reserve the room, kindly click here.


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