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Instructional Technology Unit (ITU)

About Us

The mission of the Instructional Technology Unit is to contribute to the quality of academic standards of the University by empowering Faculty members and students with skills, knowledge and tools to integrate technology in their teaching and learning activities. The ITU accomplish its mission by:

    • Providing continuous training opportunities to our faculty members on current and new technological tools
    • Offering Consultancy to faculty members on integrating technology in education
    • Developing instructional material for faculty members to be used in their courses
    • Suggesting, evaluating, piloting and implementing new technologies in education
    • Providing various resources, tools, and equipped classrooms to enable our faculty members to infuse technology in their teaching and learning activities  
    • Promoting open education and sharing of knowledge between all involved in the educational process at the University 

Teachers and students are welcomed to visit the ITU premises at the Garden floor of the Library to seek help and support on completing a project, assignment, creating learning resources, or to chat about ways to improve your courses and to integrate technology in the process.  If you have a new idea that you would like to try or share with others, let us know and we can help.

Feel free to contact the Instructional Technology Unit staff either by submitting a ticket at, sending us an email at, or by calling up the ITU team at extension no. 2499, 2033, 2262, or 2312.


We are looking forward to welcoming you here at the ITU


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