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Awards for Excellence in Teaching


The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning will be inviting nominations for Excellence in Teaching award. The aim is to honor university teachers who are exceptional teachers and innovative researchers.

Nominations are invited by (or on the behalf of) individuals or groups of staff members for their innovative commitment to teaching and learning.

Selection Criteria

Applicants should display evidence of commitment to excellence in teaching, supporting learning, and inspirational or influential scholarship within or beyond Bethlehem University. The criteria for assessment of applications may include:

Student Learning: Evidence of enhancing and promoting student critical thinking skills, analytical skills and values; in addition to evidence of teaching strategies that engage students in active and self-directed learning.

Assessment of Learning: Innovation in assessment methodology, approaches to assessment, and feedback that fosters independent learning.

Curriculum Design: Effective and innovative design and delivery of courses; development of activities and resources that reflect a command of the field.

Collegiality and Sustained Commitment: Evidence of supporting colleagues by encouraging best practice amongst them; commitment to ongoing professional development with regard to research and teaching and learning.