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Development Days

Day 1. 18 September, 2012

With the support of the Academic Office, the CETL organized the activities of the development day which aimed:

  1. To update faculty on the new challenges of academic life at BU;
  2. To provide faculty with a general literature review on the concept ‘scholarship of  T&L’;
  3. To provide a forum for academics to discuss their teaching methods in terms of designing course outlines;
  4. To share teaching practices on critical thinking and portfolio.

 Group feedback and recommendations:

    • To learn more about the implementation of SoTL and how to balance between teaching and research
    • The interaction between faculty from different disciplines improves communication and learning
    • To have workshops for each faculty/department on learning outcomes and how to redesign course outlines to meet the points Dr Irene raised
    • Workshops on how to assess learning outcomes and ensure good practice
    • A forum to provide opportunities to share teaching experiences at BU
    • To have a template for course outlines/design

Please click here to download the program

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