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The Visual Production Unit (VPU) for University Education established in 2014 under the umbrella of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Bethlehem University. The VPU is responsible for producing various visual resources to serve BU faculty in the teaching process. The main aim is to encourage faculty members to use visual products resources in class due to its effectiveness in initiating a dialogue with students on topic and content of the visual resource. The VPU does not film lectures, workshops or other scientific and academic activities; instead, it focuses on helping the faculty to communicate ideas to the students within the discipline through the use of visual resources, and through the production of visual resources, which are original, creative, authentic, and local.

VPU main principal is focusing on the process rather than the product.  The preparation, production and development of the visual resource involve both the teacher and the producer in the process.  Teachers are encouraged to reflect on the effectiveness of the information delivered to the students, and at the same time, to come up with creative methods on how to use this information to support students’ learning and understanding. The production process contributes to the enrichment of the teacher's subject and pedagogical knowledge and the student’ learning is likely to be more effective when visual resource is used.

As VPU uses Palestinian themes and context, it also relies on Palestinian media and technical expertise. The VPU encourages the involvement and collaboration of teachers in the production process, to advance a culture of cooperation, innovation and communication among teachers, students and VPU producers.

Production of year 2014

Production of year 2015

Producer: Walid Attalah

Pedagogical Consultant: Rabab Tamish

Production assistants: Irene Thalgieh, Ma'moun Herimi, Ghada abu khalil

Administrative Assistant: Judy Hanania

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