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Academic Dardashat

Dardashat (Arabic for an informal discussion) is a series of monthly meetings open to all faculty members to discuss recent studies and debates on topics related to teaching and learning in higher education. It creates a learning environment among faculty members that encourages dialogue and sharing of experiences. CETL believes that such discussions have the potential to enrich—individually and communally—faculty understanding and vision of the teaching profession.


دردشات: عبارة عن سلسلة من اللقاءات الشهرية المفتوحة أمام الكادر التدريسي للحوار حول مواضيع ودراسات ترتبط بالتعليم والتعلم في الجامعات. تهدف "دردشات أكاديمية" إلى خلق أجواء من الحوار والتعلم الجماعي بين الكادر التدريسي من أجل المساهمة في خلق رؤيا جديدة نحو عملنا كأكاديميين وتربويين


  1. Session 1: Community Engagement and Civic Learning
  2. Session 2: Community Engagement and Civic Learning
  3. Session 3: Education for Social Justice: Implications of the Capability Approach for University Education
  4. Session 4: Academic Boycott
  5. Session 5: Banking Teaching vs.Teaching for Liberation
  6. Session 6: University Requirements: a Necessity or a Burden?
  7. Session 7: The Political Changes in the Arab World: Has one tyranny being replaced by another?
  8. Session 8: How do we help students develop the skill of critical reading?
  9. Session 9: The ethics of the relationship between faculty members and students
  10. Session 10: The use of Technology in Teaching
  11. Session 11: Qualitative or Quantitative Research: A Relationship of Contradiction or Complementarity?
  12. Session 12: John Kerry’s Proposal: Why now?
  13. Session 13:The relationship between student and educators: Bases and transgressions
  14. Session 14: What about seminar projects 
  15. Session 15:جدلية العلاقة بين التعليم والواقع السياسي والاجتماعي
  16. Session 16: تجربة الانتاج في التعليم المرئي في جامعة بيت لحم
  17. Session 17: Postmodernism and Higher Education علاقة "مابعد الحداثة" بالتعليم الجامعي
  18. Session 18: داعش في الفكر السياسي الاسلامي
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