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Finance Office

About the Finance Office

The Finance Office at Bethlehem University is responsible for ensuring effective and efficient use of Bethlehem University resources, and safeguarding its assets. In realizing its mission, the Finance Office properly processes disbursements, monitors grants and contracts, handles overall accounting, and produces relevant and reliable financial statements. The Finance Office ensures proper assessment and collection of students’ tuition fees and related costs in a fair manner.

Finance Office Mission:

The Finance Office emphasizes excellence in communicating relevant and reliable financial reports in a timely and accurate way, to assist management in planning, evaluating, and controlling overall University operations. The Finance Office considers accuracy, consistency, accountability, and transparency as its values aspired to achieve the mission of the Finance Office and consequently the overall mission of Bethlehem University.


Finance Office

Mr. Youil Anastas
Vice President for Finances
+972-2-274-1241 ext. 2238

Ms. Hanan Nasrallah
Administrative Assistant

+972-2-274-1241 ext. 2238

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