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The Arabic School for Overseas
Students & Diplomats

September 4th  to 25th  2017

Regular Courses

Scheduling of courses:

All courses are scheduled based on the availability of the students.  New courses start every 2 months, for example, courses for 2015/2016 will start in September, November, January, March, and May.  In July we start our summer Intensive Arabic courses.  Private lessons can be started at anytime.

Course price list*:

  • Regular 30 academic hour courses: $400 NOT including the textbook
  • Private lessons: 120 shekels/hour (textbook must be bought separately). Students must commit to at least 2 weeks of study and pay in full before the course starts.
  • Private lessons (2 people):  200 shekels/hour. Students must commit to at least 2 weeks of study and pay in full before the course starts.

Click here to register

*Please note:  There are no refunds for any courses or private lessons once you have paid in full

You also have a chance to register for an intensive course during based on special arrangements.  Please contact the Arabic School

 Evening Arabic Regular Classes in Bethlehem

Under the supervision of Prof. Moin Halloun, The Arabic School of Bethlehem University is pleased to announce the beginning of Spoken Arabic and Media Arabic for all levels 
Evening courses will meet twice a week from 5:00 to 6:30.

All classes will be for 30 academic hours devided into 2 meetings a week for 7 weeks.

The cost is $400 NOT including the books.  Click here to register

The courses will take place at Br. Vincent Malham Center,  Evening courses will take place at Bethlehem University.

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Prof. Dr. Moin Halloun



For courses in Bethlehem:

For courses in Jerusalem:

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