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Computer Labs

Computer Labs Policy


These polices have been established to help provide a quality educational environment and to promote student learning and success. Students who do not abide by these policies may be denied access and/or use of the computer labs.

Computer Lab Assistants

  • Are an official BU staff, therefore users must respect and obey their instructions.
  • Primary duties are to keep the lab facilities running as smoothly as possible and to report any extraordinary/unsolvable problems.
  • Are available to assist students having problems or questions regarding the computer facilities to the best of their ability.
  • Are not employed to tutor individual students on how to use the facilities.
  • Will provide students with a limited degree of assistant in computer software.
  • Make sure that ONLY officially registered students are in Computer labs (Füglister, S-306 and D-113).
  • Students who choose to use the facilities are expected to be, for the most part, self sufficient in their computer usage. The support and assistance for special programs are the responsibility of the professor which utilizes them for his/her class.

Computer lab use policy

  • Officially registered students are allowed to use Computer labs (Füglister, S-306 and D-113).
  • All students, faculty, and staff must have a valid Bethlehem University identification card to use the Academic Computing Labs.
  • Students are required to present their student I.D. cards to the Lab Assistant upon entering the computer lab or whenever asked for. The student should put his University ID on the table in front of him.
  • Talking, smoking, eating and drinking, using mobile phones, reserving a computer while not working, accompany colleges, friend or relative to the lab, group working are not permitted. This policy is necessary to keep the labs clean and the computers functioning properly.
  • Group working is not allowed inside Computer Labs (Füglister, S-306 and D-113) because it is not designed for such an activity to allow more students using the labs.
  • Computer Labs (Füglister, S-306 and D-113) are not the right place for chatting, bringing colleague in, friends and relatives etc. Our beautiful campus is the right place for such an activity.
  • It is not allowed for another person to use your account and password.
  • Students who need to do University work have priority over student doing personal work including playing games or surfing the net. Therefore, the lab Assistant has the right to ask any user to free the PC for others.
  • Computers left unattended for a period of 10 minutes or more will be cleared and made available to other students.
  • Students are responsible for their personal items while in the computer labs.
  • Installing, removing of software,  reconfiguring computer settings on any computer in the lab is not allowed unless directed by faculty or lab staff employed.
  • Headset must be worn when listening to music or media within the labs (where available - i.e. Digital Media Center )
  • All noise levels (include: Mobiles, talking, music, muffled headphone noise, etc) in the labs are not permitted so that others are not disturbed. The computer labs (Füglister - S-306 - D113) are to be used as a study environment.
  • Users should show respect for other users.
  • Treat the computers with respect. If you get mad at something that is not working, don't bang on the keyboard. (there are trees outside for that kind of activity).
  • Please be considerate. If there are classes coming in (and there usually are), then either take a break, or move to a back machine that is unoccupied.

Student Network Account

  • Only Registered and paid students of the current semester will have a Network Account at the beginning of the semester. Students who register late will take there user name and password after the add/drop period.
  • Network account will be generated automatically at the beginning of the semester.
  • Network Account information sheet (User name and password) will be distributed on announced place and date. Instructions on logging in, changing password… can be found on the sheet.
  • You should carefully read the "Network Account Policy" section in the Computer Use Policy (

Printing Policy

  1. Printing in Computer Labs is available in Lab S-306, D-113 and Füglister Lab.
  2. Printing Cards are available in the Book Store.
  3. Users are able to print from all computers in each Lab to the printer available in the same Lab.
  4. Once you send the print order to the printer, the fee for this print order is automatically deducted from your balance.
  5. It is the user responsibility to collect his/her printouts from the Lab Assistant at the printer. Any un-collected printout will be disposed at the end of the day.
  6. To check your balance double click on the icon ($) next to the clock (at the right bottom of the screen).
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