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Office of Human Resources & Administrative Affairs


Mission Statement

The Human Resources and Administrative Affairs office (HR Office) creates, encourages, and maintains an environment that supports, develops and sustains the wellbeing of Bethlehem University’s employees, students, and broader community. The HR Office develops and communicates sound policies and procedures. We provide strategic leadership, modeling excellence, honesty, integrity, and teamwork. The HR Office seeks tensurthat humaresourceare utilizeand manageaefficiently and effectivelas possible,and thaitfunctions are carried out with accountabilityequityintegrityand transparency.



The major functions of the Office of Human Resources include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Set up recruitment, selection, and employment policies and procedures.
  2. Develop and coordinate staff professional training, development, and education.
  3. Assist in managing and implementing the performance appraisal system
  4. Provide safe and effective working conditions, thus enhance staff welfare by providing assistance and encouraging a positive relationship between staff and the University.
  5. Manage and maintain employees' records and files, and provide statistical information and reports to the appropriate parties.
  6. Develop, implement, and update personnel policies and procedures.

Brother Stephen Tuohy

Br. Stephen Tuohy, FSC
Vice President for HR & Administrative Affairs
Phone: (02) 274-1241
Ext.: 2309

Jihad Abu Amsha
Assistant VP for HR & Administrative Affairs
Phone: (02) 274-1241
Ext.: 2493


Varehan Khair
Human Resources Personnel Manager
Phone: (02) 274-1241
Ext.: 2236

Nariman Abu Abara

Nariman Abu Abara
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (02) 274-1241
Ext.: 2309


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