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Physics Department

Meet the Chairperson

Welcome to the site of the Physics Department at Bethlehem University. As we all know, the need for education in Physics is crucial to our young Palestinian society, and is unquestionable as it is the most fundamental science of all.

The Physics Department at Bethlehem University is fulfilling its duties to advance technology toward the community by offering the physics knowledge required for students to take an active role in the development of our country after their graduation.

The Physics Department is one of the first departments to be established at Bethlehem University in the early ‘80s. Even without a major if Physics the Department offers a minor program for students registered in the Faculty of Science, with courses considered necessary in any advanced or high-level study in physics.

Research is one of the pillars that the Physics Department has depended on since its foundation. Now, research is mainly carried out in renewable energy and materials science. Nanotechnology is one of the fields the Department is interested in, as it represents the future for many applications in our daily life such as medicine and electronics.

At the Department of Physics at Bethlehem University, we are ambitious for expansion and open for any suggestions in order to expand our Department. We have a vital goal, which is to consider reopening our major for students in Palestine, a goal that we hope to achieve very soon with your sponsorships and with the support of those who desire to advance science in Palestine.

Dr. Jamal Ghabboun

Physics Department

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