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Math Department

Mission Statement

The Department of Mathematics offers a Bachelor of Science with a major in mathematics. The department aims at developing the students’ skills of critical thinking, initiative, and creativity and preparing an individual for a career not only in teaching but also in firms, banks, governmental and non-governmental organizations, statistics, and others. The department also prepares the student to pursue graduate studies in mathematics and related fields. It also offers service courses to other departments.

One of the program teaching goals is to help the student discover both the importance and beauty of mathematics by combining different teaching and learning approaches and not relying completely on lectures.


The general objectives of the Mathematics program are:

  1. To provide a transition from school to university mathematics.
  2. To introduce the basic concepts of university mathematics, specifically, proofs and analytical and computational skills.
  3. To provide opportunities for students to develop functional competency in mathematics and be able to perform mathematical operations at a prescribed level of proficiency.
  4. To integrate information technology in the teaching of the department courses.
  5. To teach the student to be an independent learner, capable of using modern sources of information.
  6. To develop among students the power of critical and analytical thinking and to take initiative.
  7. To provide a sound theoretical knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of mathematical and statistical sciences.
  8. To develop an appreciation for the contributions of mathematics to science, business, economics, and the social sciences.

Mathematics Department

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