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Master of Biotechnology

Program Paradigm

A Master degree student in the first year of study has to complete the required courses in theoretical topics as well as state-of-the art of experimental work. These courses aim at having students acquire relevant knowledge, skills and lab experiences. In the second year, the Master degree student will choose a specialization in one of two tracks: Biomedical Sciences or Plant Technology (botany and agriculture). The program consists of 36 credit hours that are offered as follow:

  • Required courses (18 credit hours) including theoretical and experimental laboratory work.

  • Elective courses (12 credit hours) for either the Biomedical Sciences or Plant Technology tracks.

In addition to the required courses, a student must complete a 6-credit hour practical project (thesis) and submit a thesis at the end of the project. After completing all requirements, a student is conferred a Masters degree in Biotechnology indicating the major area of specialization (i.e. Biomedical Sciences or Plant Technology).

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