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Master of Biotechnology

Laboratories and Research Facilities

The facilities at Bethlehem University and at the Palestinian Polytechnic University include modern laboratories that are well equipped for research and training. These include the following laboratories:

  • Medical Molecular Biology Laboratory
  • Plant Tissue Transplantation Laboratory
  • Human Cell Transplantation Laboratory
  • Bioinformatics Laboratory
  • DNA Sequencing Unit
  • Isotopes services Unit
  • Human Heredity Research Laboratory
  • Molecular Diagnosis of Plant Diseases Laboratory
  • Biological Resistance Laboratory

Both universities have access to international data bases and online library resources that provide students with access to all scientific periodical and references. The libraries are both Bethlehem University and Palestinian Polytechnic University also contain modern and specialized references in the field of Biotechnology and its applications.

Dr. Ghassan Handal
Biotechnology Masters Coordinator
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Fax: +972 2 274 4440

Frida Emerezian
Phone: +972 2 274 1241, Ext: 2258
Fax: +972 2 274 4440

Bethlehem University Foundation
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Bethlehem University in the Holy Land
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