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Biology Department

Meet the Chairperson

Welcome to the Biology Department at Bethlehem University. The program was created to prepare students for a wide range of career and postgraduate possibilities. The curriculum provides an appropriate training for students who seek admission to graduate schools as well as those who wish to enter the job market directly following graduation. The Department also offers a minor in Medical Laboratory Sciences, which enhances the practical side of the learning process and prepares graduates for jobs in clinical laboratories.  The Biology Department functions in compliance with the mission of Bethlehem University that is providing quality education to the people of Palestine and to serve them as a center of advancement, sharing and use of knowledge.  Consequently we individualized attention, and provide research and training opportunities for undergraduate students.

In addition, biology students at Bethlehem University are always encouraged to participate in faculty research.  They mostly end up with publications and participation in national and international conferences.

The Biology Department offers a graduate program, which winds up with a Master’s degree in Molecular Biotechnology.  Graduates from different scientific backgrounds can join the program, though which they get exposed to the very up to date molecular techniques in biotechnology. 

I hope that content of our website is useful to you.  Please feel free to contact me at, or any member of the department for further information about the program.


Dr. Ghassan Handal, PhD


Biology Department

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