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Department of Software Engineering

Welcome to the Department of Software Engineering. Beginning with the Fall 2017 semester, the Department is offering a four-year undergraduate major in Software Engineering as it phases out its previous major in Computer Information Systems. This decision was taken after extensive discussion with the local Information Technology sector about new skills required of students entering the job market. 

As this change in the majors occurs, the department will continue to support the established minor programs in Computer Information Systems.

The Software Engineering curriculum was designed with reference to international standards for such programs established by the ABET accrediting agency and model curricula published by the ACM professional society. Of the 130 credits needed to complete the degree, 81 credits are specific to the major. Seven courses in the major are supported by supervised lab activity in addition to traditional classroom meetings.

In planning our Software Engineering program we have established relationships with several software development firms who have pledged to support us in three ways: 1) establish internship opportunities for our students; 2) provide expert input to our program in the form of workshops and advanced courses; 3) review of our program outcomes.

In addition to preparing students with specialized technical skills, the department is dedicated to the La Sallian educational traditions and values, which characterize all Bethlehem University programs. 

Dr. Suhail Odeh
Chair, Department of Software Engineering

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