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Meet the Dean

Ms. Hanadi I. Soudah-Younan is the Acting Dean of Arts and the Chairperson of the English Department at Bethlehem University. 

She earned her Masters of Arts in English from Brigham Young University, Utah.  She is a PhD candidate in Comparative Literature from SUNY at Stony Brook, New York. 

She is a full time member of the English Department. Her primary interests are in the teaching of English and World literature, critical theory, and research that focuses on identity. 

She presented a number of papers on the issue of Palestinian identity at local and international conferences and forums.  She is an active member in a number of women, social, religious and educational institutions, associations and societies.  She served as the National President of the YWCA of Palestine.  She is a board member of Al-Liq’a Center for Religious and Heritage Studies in the Holy Land and the Helen Keller School for special education.  Ms. Younan is an alumna of Bethlehem University, class of 1986.

Faculty of Arts

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Ms. Hanadi Younan 

Dean of the Faculty of Arts
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Dean of Arts, Secretary
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