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Faculty of Arts

Mission Statement:

The Faculty of Arts at Bethlehem University strives to disseminate knowledge and improve our understanding of human culture both past and present through excellence in teaching, learning, research and service within the Arts (Arabic Language and Literature and English Language and Literature), Humanities, Social Sciences and Religious Studies. The Faculty aims to provide students with outstanding education based on creative inquiry, critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, entrepreneurship and innovative scholarship to respond thoughtfully to personal and social challenges that result from global economic integration, cultural diversity, rapid technological change, environmental damage and the local political realities in Palestine. In our pursuit of social justice, we prepare responsible global citizens committed to active involvement in and off-campus and to life-long service to the community and the world.

In keeping with this mission, the Faculty of Arts will:

  • Provide students with the tools and skills to think logically and analytically, reason critically, and logically, and to identify and solve complex problems in our interdependent world.
  • Encourage students to express themselves orally and in writing in a coherent, well researched, logical and linguistically sound style.
  • Foster in students the habits of independent learning and a commitment to high standards of ethical practices in their academic and in their professional lives.
  • Provide students with an education that is rooted in understanding, preserving and learning from history and that is the most current in the field to help them build a better future.
  • Train students in the methodologies of the liberal arts tradition that is grounded in a critical knowledge in the field as well as interdisciplinary approaches.
  • Instill in students the commitment to their individual societies and to a multi-cultural and diverse world.

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Faculty of Arts News
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Faculty of Arts

Dr. Moin Halloun
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Dean of the Faculty of Arts
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Dean of Arts, Secretary
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