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Office of the Vice Chancellor

Executive Vice President's Biography

Dr. Michael S. SansurDr. Michael S. Sansur
Msc., PhD. Psychology, UK

Dr. Michael Sansur has been a practitioner, lecturer and researcher in Psychology for many years.  He is the Executive Vice President of Bethlehem University since 2011.  He oversees the operations of the Office of Student Affairs and its constituent departments.

He has broad leadership responsibility for numerous University operations affecting students outside the classroom, including student activities, student leadership development, mental health counseling, career direction, disability services, and student advocacy and crisis intervention. He represents Student Life in the University's senior administration and provides leadership on issues affecting students.  

Dr. Sansur also acts as liaison with the various governmental ministries and departments especially the Ministry of Higher Education, and represents Bethlehem University at the functions of the Association of Arab Universities.  

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