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The Arabic School for Overseas
Students & Diplomats

Intensive courses in spoken Arabic for foreign students and Diplomat


Program for 2019-2020


Intensive Courses 2019-2020

(80 Academic Hours)

60 with teacher & 20 self-study




Start date of the course


 End date for the Course


 (Monday,2nd 2019)

 (Wednesday25th 2019


( Tuesday,1st 2019)

 (Tuesday,24th 2019)


 (Monday,4th 2019)

 (Wednesday,27th 2019)


 (Monday,2nd 2019)

 (Monday,23th 2019)


(Thursday,2nd 2020)

(Thursday,30th 2020)


(Monday, 3th 2020)

(Wednesday,26th 2020)


(Monday, 2nd 2020)

(Wednesday,25th 2020)


(Wednesday, 1st 2020)

(Wednesday, 29th 2020)


(Monday, 4th 2020)

(Friday,29th 2020)


(Monday, 1st 2020)

(Thursday, 25th 2020) 


(Wednesday, 1st 2020)

Monday,27th 2020)


 (Monday,3th 2020)

(Fraidy,28th 2020)



Each course meets Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 1 pm.
    For questions & registration please call 02 27 55 160 or write to 

The Arabic School for Foreigners of Bethlehem University
is accredited by American and European Universities

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*Intensive & Summer courses are 60 Academic Hours

Program Details

Academic Credit

Fifteen credit hours of course work are equivalent to one credit in many Northern American institutions of higher education. The credits offered for the courses have been planned accor­dingly.  The Grading Scale is as follows:




















Course Description and Textbooks Used

All courses follow a clear and systematic methodology and use the methodology of Prof. Dr. Halloun. The teaching language is English. The Media Arabic courses use the following books:

  1. Moin Halloun, Palestinian and Arab Written Press, Bethlehem 2009 (Level 1+2).
  2. Moin Halloun, Palestinian and Arab Written Press, Bethlehem 2014 (Level 3+4).
  3. Moin Halloun, Broadcasting Press, Bethlehem 2005 (Level 5).
  4. Hans Wehr, A Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic.
  5. Moin Halloun, A Lexicon of Innovations used in Media Arabic, Arabic-English-German:
    A Supplement to Hans Wehr. Bethlehem University in 2013.

*Level 3 includes listening to features of BBC Arabic, Al-Arabiyya and al-Jazeera.

The Spoken Arabic courses use the following books:

  1. Moin Halloun, Spoken Arabic for Foreigners. An Introduction to the Palestinian Dialect Vol. I + II incl. CD-ROM (Level 1 Vol. 1, Unit 1-15; Level 2 Vol. 1 Unit 16-28; Level 3 Vol. 2).
  2. Moin Halloun, A dictionary of the Standard Dialect Spoken in Palestine, Bethlehem 2011.


Students must make their own arrangements at a hotel, hostel, pension hotel, or private home in Jerusalem or Bethlehem. Reservations should be made well in advance or students must arrive to Bethlehem several days prior to registration in order to find accommodations. The uni­ver­sity does not arrange student housing but the Arabic School can put you in contact with our partner, Siraj Center, who can help you to find suitable accommodations. If you need any assistance, please send an email to Iliana Awwad:


All insurance coverage including medical, life, accident, etc. is under the responsibility of the student. Please note that students will be required to present proof of valid medical insurance at registration.

University Regulations

Students are expected to abide by the regulations of Bethlehem University on campus. While living off-campus, in the hotels or with families, they are expected to behave like ambassadors of goodwill.

Summary of Fees

All fees are listed in US Dollars. Students from abroad may pay their fees either in US$ or in the equivalent amount Euro or NIS. The fees are paid directly to “Bethlehem University” at the Finance Department upon arrival to Bethlehem.  *Please note, we do not allow bank transfer for payment of fees.


Spoken Arabic Audit with credit, all levels

603 JOD


Spoken Arabic Audit without credit, all levels

603 JOD


Media Arabic (MSA) Audit with credit, all levels

603 JOD


Media Arabic (MSA) Audit without credit, all levels

603 JOD

(The total fees (a+b) include: Application Fees, Tuition per credit, Course fees, Computer Fees, ID Fees, Accident Insurance Fees in Campus and other fees).

Please note that we appreciate receiving an e-mail (to and postal communication.

Materials used by the Institute are NOT included in the fees. Students have to buy their books from the University bookshop first day of class or before.


Application Process

To apply, simply Click to Register, and we will contact you for further information if needed. 

Directions to Jerusalem and then to Bethlehem University:

How to arrive at Bethlehem from Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv:

To arrive in Bethlehem you can take a taxi(service yellow van) from the airport to Jerusalem and ask to be dropped off at Damascus Gate next to the Arab Bus Station.

Once you arrive there you should take bus number 231 to Bethlehem and get off at the last stop.  Or you can take bus number 234 to the Bethlehem checkpoint and cross the checkpoint walking.

How to arrive at Bethlehem University from Jerusalem:

If you take the 231 bus Bethlehem University is a 5-minute walk from the last bus stop, you can ask anyone how to walk there.   If you take the 234 bus and cross the checkpoint walking you can take a taxi after the checkpoint to Bethlehem University, it should cost about 15 shekels.

* Please note that summer intensive classes are NOT held at the Brother Vincent Malham Center, they are held at Bethlehem University.  Also, the Brother Vincent Malham Center is not on the same campus as Bethlehem University.  All other courses during the year are held at the Brother Vincent Malham Center. 

Directions to the Br. Vincent Malham Center

Once you arrive in Bethlehem you should walk or take a taxi to the Church of the Nativity.  The center is located near the Church of the Nativity.  There is a street next to the church, and Manger Square, called Milk Grotto Street. You should walk down this street and after one minute you will see a small walking street on your right-hand side and there will be a sign for Bethlehem University.  Take that right on the small street and walk about 30 seconds and you will see a set of turquoise stairs and another sign for Arabic courses. That is our center.

Good luck!  If you need help you can call us at the center: 02-275-5160

Bethlehem University Foundation
Phone: +1-240-241-4381
Fax: +1-240-553-7691
Beltsville, MD USA
Bethlehem University in the Holy Land
Phone: +972-2-274-1241
Fax: +972-2-274-4440
Bethlehem, Palestine