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Department of Software Engineering

Mission Statement

The Department of Computer Information Systems offers a major in Computer Information Systems that leads to a bachelor’s degree (B.Sc.) in Science. The program aims to introduce students to the basics of computer science and information technology. It offers courses that help students learn the foundations of the theory of computing and information in addition to its applications in computer systems. The department strives to keep pace with information technology and its development and application in the ever-changing information age. It provides students with knowledge and skills that would qualify them for different jobs, such as conducting research related to the software development and information technology, and designing solutions for small and medium enterprises.

The department identified the following objectives to achieve its goals: 

  • To provide students with a good scientific background in science with particular in mathematics such as calculus, number theory, basic physics, chemistry and biology.
  • To provide students with a good knowledge of the techniques and methods of analysis, design, and implementation of information technology-based systems. This knowledge should include reasonable expertise and ease in recognizing problems, identifying needs, formulating solutions, and working to develop and implement optimal and pragmatic design.
  • To provide students with a mastery of the state-of-the-art technologies and techniques in fields like databases, information systems, development of applications, network management, web-based servers, and multimedia products.
  • To provide students with an ability to identify information processing problems and seek efficient solutions. This covers problems of specific nature such as debugging, troubleshooting, maintaining FOP software, or of more a macro-level approach where complete systems are designed to face major operational problems of businesses and organizations.
  • To provide students with programming skills that covers object oriented, rapid applications deployment, and other high-level programming techniques and skills.
  • To provide students with the ability to conduct evaluation, testing, and assessment of IT based solutions.
  • To provide students with the ability to work successfully in a team environment.
  • To provide students with an understanding of and the ability to support new trends in information society work habits, including the ability to work with different types of individual users, businesses, and agencies.

The CIS Department prepares the students for:

  • A career in the IT sector in Palestine and elsewhere:
    • With most of the students minoring in business administration or accounting, CIS graduates are well prepared to be employed in all commercial and IT related industries.
  • A career in teaching at high schools
  • Graduate studies:
    • The diversity of courses the department offers in its major makes students well prepared to pursue graduate studies in a variety of IT related fields. The CIS Department is proud to have some of its graduates receiving scholarships and studying inGermany,Spain,USA,Jordan, and elsewhere.
  • Work for international companies
  • Establishing their own small businesses and companies
  • Work in the IT departments that belong whether to commercial companies, or academic institutes, hospitals, banks, etc.

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