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Technology Infrastructure and Support Unit (TIS)


  1. Physical network design, implementation, bidding, documentation, supervising, and maintenance
  2. Administer and maintain University servers
    • Secure the network
    • Complete backups
    • Upgrade and maintain network operating system software as necessary (Novell,NT, LINUX, Windows, etc.)
    • Upgrade and maintain other network systems such as email servers, DNS servers, DHCP servers, firewalls, etc.
  3. Provide internet connectivity for the University: maintenance, follow-up when problems occur, analyze needs, and monitor regularly
  4. Create and maintain network accounts for all staff, faculty, administration, and students
  5. Provide software disk images for different computer models in computer labs as well as in classrooms and offices.
  6. Provide expert consulting to other departments in the fields of networking and advanced UNIX workstations and scientific software (such as physics, biology, and computer minor program)
  7. Provide wireless internet connection for personal laptops of BU staff.


Bidding and Inspection - Purchasing

  1. Write details of IT-related bids, and decide on best source when prices are available
  2.  Inspect newly purchased equipment to match ordered specifications and approve invoices payments

  IT Services and Support

  1. Provide hardware and software assistant to other departments
  2. Prepare newly arrived computers with necessary software and appropriate BU setup (internet, email, Microsoft Office, etc.)
  3. Hardware problems diagnosis and repair.
  4. Software problems troubleshooting and repair.
  5. Document production assistance (includes assistance to other departments in producing professional documents that would require certain formats and features.)
  6. Statistical analysis and data entry
  7. On-demand reports (includes various kinds of reports requested by the various administrative departments, such as the registration office, finance office, academic vice president office, vice chancellor office.)


    1. Provide supplies and accessories to BU offices
    2. Report annually on supplies to all departments by departments and total counts
    3. Maintain the supplies room (labels, inventory control, etc.)
    4. Maintain inventory records of all supplies including arrival dates and suppliers


  1. Maintain an inventory and report on IT-related equipment on campus and off campus.
  2. Provide annual report on inventory by departments and total counts by category (printers, computers, scanners, etc.)
  3. Properly label all inventory items on campus


Training and Workshops

  1. Provide in-office training as needed
  2. Design and provide IT-related workshops on periodic basis when new technologies are put to use on campus and as the need arises


Computer labs and Classrooms

Supervise the various computer labs and classrooms including maintenance of hardware, software, and related network accounts for all users

Palestinian Academic Network “National Research and Education Network (NREN)”: represent BU in various technical committees at the Ministry of Higher Education.


Bethlehem University Foundation
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Beltsville, MD USA
Bethlehem University in the Holy Land
Phone: +972-2-274-1241
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