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Information Technology Services Office (ITS)


The vision of the ITS Office is to actively support the mission, vision, and strategic goals of Bethlehem University through innovative Information Technology solutions and service excellence.


The ITS Office strives to enhance teaching, learning, administrative, and research processes by introducing creative, secure, reliable, and personalized IT solutions and support to all members of the Bethlehem University Community.The ITS Office will achieve its mission by:

    • Empowering academic staff with the skills, knowledge, resources, and cutting-edge technology tools to create an interactive and effective learning environment.
    • Providing all the required resources and tools to enhance the administrative and decision making process at Bethlehem University.
    • Offering a robust IT services through an up-to-date, secure, reliable, and intuitive IT infrastructure.
    • Ensuring an exceptional user satisfaction of IT services and support.
    • Planning and managing Information Technology to make sure that the latest, cutting-edge technology and services are being offered at Bethlehem University. 


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Philip Daoud
AVP for Information Technology Services
Phone:022741241 ext.2312

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