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Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini

Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini has distinguished himself as an outstanding leader in the Church: for 15 years in various roles at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome where he guided students in the complex field of biblical research; as the Rector Magnificus of the Gregorian University in Rome; as Cardinal Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Milan; and as President of the European Conference of Bishops. During his tenure as Cardinal Archbishop of Milan his dynamic leadership affected not only the people in Milan, but members of the universal Church. Through his prolific writing -over 1000 books and articles- in which he has continually deepened and expanded his thought, Cardinal Martini’s impact has reached far beyond the boundaries of the Catholic Church, to many other Christians, to people of other religions, and even to people with no religion at all. Cardinal Martini’s faith, integrity, compassion, sense of justice, and humility earned him the trust and love of those entrusted to his pastoral care.

On 26 June 2005, in recognition of his untiring and sold leadership in the Church, and in recognition if his practical spiritual guidance and concern for all believers and unbelievers, Bethlehem University bestowed on Cardinal Martini, honoris causa, the degree of Doctor of Humanities.

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