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The Cardinal Martini Leadership Institute


The mission of Bethlehem University “is to provide quality higher education to the people of Palestine and to serve them in its role as a center for the advancement, sharing, and use of knowledge”.

As a contemporary and practical expression of that mission, the Cardinal Martini Leadership Institute provides to individuals, groups, and communities information, human resources, and programs that contribute to the development of the leadership capacity of Palestinians. The Institute fosters models of inclusive, democratic, and participatory leadership developed by and appropriate to the people and institutions of Palestine. This is accomplished through research, teaching, and practical experience.

The Cardinal Martini Leadership Institute promotes the following values in all its endeavors: recognition of the inherent dignity of all people and of all creation, the collaboration and participation of all in decision-making that affects them, integrity and justice, the common good, freedom of and responsibility in expression, ethical courage, and relationship building.

Institute Goals

  • To provide for the ongoing study and enhancement of the concepts of leadership at Bethlehem University and in Palestinian society.
  • To develop a foundation for ethical leadership across social, cultural, economic, and political practices, relationships and organizations.
  • To promote the values of democratic leadership in Palestinian society.
  • To empower Palestinian leaders for the social, cultural, economic and political advancement of their society. 


The Cardinal Martini Leadership Institute

Dr. Yousef Zaknoun
CMLI Director  
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