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Annual Giving


Your generous annual gift to Bethlehem University provides critical support to students in Palestine who desire a better life through higher education.  When you choose to support Bethlehem University with an unrestricted annual gift or a gift directed to a specific program, you show your support for hope, justice and a brighter future in the Holy Land.

Annual Giving serves as a lifeline for Bethlehem University by providing students’ continued access to higher education and reinforces the huge impact of the University throughout the community.  Unrestricted gifts are the most flexible type of support, affording the Vice Chancellor the latitude to address the most current, critical needs of Bethlehem University.  This includes scholarships for talented and deserving students, recruitment of outstanding faculty, internship stipends and other innovative programs across the university. 

The Bethlehem University Annual Giving Program consists of hundreds of gifts from loyal friends, alumni, faculty and staff. 

No matter the size of your gift, your participation in the Bethlehem University Annual Giving Program is a key part of helping us continue to fulfill our mission of providing an oasis that builds a brighter future for the people of Palestine.  Your annual gift also encourages gifts from foundations and other donors who closely look at our success in securing funds for our educational mission.

To make an annual gift to Bethlehem University, please click here or contact Eric Crossley at 240-241-4381 or email Eric at

The Power of Giving:

Here are some examples of what can be done with the collective power of Annual Giving:

  • $50 provides a tank of nitrogen for teaching and research.
  • $100 provides a new textbook in the library.
  • $300 provides a new camera for the photography club.
  • $500 provides one replacement projector lamp.
  • $1,500 covers the cost of a student or faculty member to travel to an international conference.
  • $2,000 covers the cost of Missals used in the Chapel of the Divine Child.
  • $4,000 provides an annual scholarship for one student.
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