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Communications Office

02 March2020

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In this issue:


Advancement Office


BU in the News

We would like to bring to your attention items about Bethlehem University that have appeared in the news recently. They have been uploaded to our website. Please follow the links below if you're interested in reading them.

لقاء مع المحافظ حميد لاطلاق مراحل جديدة لحاضنة الاعمال بجامعة بيت لحم - وكالة معا الاخبارية

المحافظ حميد يعقد لقاء لاطلاق مراحل جديدة لحاضنة الأعمال - دنيا الوطن

ندوة في جامعة بيت لحم حول إستراتيجيات مجابهة إملاءات ترامب - جريدة القدس

ندوة في جامعة بيت لحم حول كتاب "خمسون تجربة ثقافية وإبداعية" - وكالة معا الاخبارية

جامعة بيت لحم تعقد ندوة سياسية حول (صفقة القرن) - دنيا الوطن


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Dean of Research Office


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Office of the Dean of Students


Lecture discussing the threats of the Corona Virus COVID-19

In cooperation with the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences, Office of the Dean of Students organized a lecture titled “Corona Disease, is it exaggerated or a real threat?" on Wednesday, 26 February 2020. The main speaker was Dr. Imad Shehadeh, director of the Health Department in the Governorate of Bethlehem who is the head of the committee to combat COVID-19 in Bethlehem area, another speaker was Dr. Nabil Zawahra, an epidemiologist and Mrs. Iman Maali from the Bethlehem Health Directorate. Faculty, Staff members and students attended the lecture and ask questions.


Old Days Games Season 2

"Afaq" group of the social activation unit at the Office of the Dean of Students organized an entertainment activity for students titled “Old Days Games Season 2” on Thursday, 27 February 2020. This activity which was held at the Auditorium aimed to introduce students to the old Palestinian heritage games that children and youth used to exercise prior to the existence of electronic gadgets in our lives.  It also allowed students to recall their childhood memories.  The event also provided an opportunity to entertain students and to break the daily routine.  students were allowed to bring their younger brothers and sisters to the event and had artists painting on their faces accompanied by entertaining kids' music.


Cultural Competition titled “The Entire Palestinian National Territory”

The Progressive Action Student Front organized under the supervision of the Office of the Dean of Students a cultural competition titled “The Entire Palestinian National Territory” on Friday, 21 February 2020. This competition aimed to emphasize the necessity of having a permanent and inclusive cultural platform for all elements of culture, such as the national, health, social, physical and historical education among university students.


Meeting the Students at Terra Sancta Girls School - Sisters of St. Joseph

Office of the Dean of Students organized a gathering of university students who participate in the non-curricular activities, and Tawjihi students of Terra Sancta Girls School - Sisters of St. Joseph, on Saturday, 22 February 2020, upon the school instructor's request.  Students from the different activation units at the Office of the Dean of Students took part in this event, such as "Books not Walls" group, "Afaq" group, and "Drama" group, in addition to students from the "Students' Ambassador Program".  BU Students spoke about their practical experience through their participation in the various and activities at the university which had an effect on their personality and helped them to develop their knowledge and enhanced their cultural and social skills.  Students from BU were accompanied by Mai Jaber assistant to the Dean of Students, Coordinator of the student's activities, who screened a short video on non-academic activities organized by the Office of the Dean of Student.


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Athletics Department


The Students’ Senate under the supervision of the Office of the Dean of Students organized a Basketball Tournament in cooperation with the Athletics Department on Thursday, 27 February 2020.   Seven teams from different departments participated in the tournament which carried the name of "Martyrs of Palestine" where each team was named after a martyr.

The tournament was played on the knock out method. The two teams that made it to the final game were Martyr Khaled Takatka team and Martyr Rania Murra team, and the last won the first place.

Dr. Michael Sansour, the Executive Vice President, Mrs. Samar Araj Mousa, the Athletics Department Director, and Mr. Mohammad Asad, President of the Students’ Senate presented the trophies to the winners and medals to the participant teams. Student Mirna Sayeh was awarded the best player trophy.


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External Academic Relations Office


We would like to draw your attention to the "latest announcements" listed for this week. They can be found under the External Academic Relations Office heading at the following link:


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