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Learning and Community Engagement


The Center aspires to meet the needs of faculty members by creating a supportive environment for professional development.

Student Debate


The Center aspires to meet the needs of faculty members by creating a supportive environment for professional development.

The Scholorship of Teaching & Learning 

In “pursuing its goal of promoting the scholarship of teaching and learning the CETL abides by University’s Research Policy and Ethical Guidelines In collaboration with the Dean of Research the CETL provides the needed support in the form of training and consultation to individual teachers and groups to enhance their research skills.”  (CETL Procedures Manual: 18 May 2012).

The aim is to promote the culture of research on teaching and learning (T&L) at Bethlehem University. By providing opportunities for academics to conduct and share research projects. Also it contributes to academics’ research portfolios and publication record. 

Main objectives

  • To develop academics’ knowledge and research skills in T&L

  • To encourage academics to conduct research projects on T&L

  • To promote the culture of research for the purpose of quality Learning and Teaching on campus.


  • Organizing symposiums, seminars and workshops on research methodologies

  • Offering consultancy services and tutorials on academic writing

  • Providing resources on different topics in T&L research

  • Awards and grants for research initiatives

  • Supporting research fellows program


Action Research/ The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)  

In lieu of the Centre of Excellence in Teaching & learning mission promoting the scholarship of Teaching and learning is not only a paramount but the core of CETL’s services to faculty. As a primarily teaching institution informed by research, and to encourage SoTL among BU faculty, CETL in collaboration with various experts in the field conducted four Workshops.

An Introductory workshop on Action Research facilitated by Dr. Sam Gorgan, Pro Vice Chancellor Of Student Experience from the University of Salford, Manchester, UK. Dr. Gorgan.

To keep the focus on SoTL, CETL engaged Dr. Hanan M. Ramahi who is an education activist, Director of the American School of Palestine, and has experience in Action Research within the Palestinian context.

SoTL Workshop Description:

“This workshop aims to clarify the meaning of the scholarship of teaching and learning within the larger strategy of action research. Emphasis will be given to its relevance and urgency to the Palestine context. Participants will be introduced to theory and exposed to examples, and supported to start preparing for their own action research projects”. Once the faculty acquires the appropriate training, and needed skills to reflect on teaching, and produces drafts for publication, the Office of Dean of Research takes over in preparing them to the next steps.




May 3rd 2018


May 17th  2018


June 11th 2018



All Workshop materials, such as workshop expectations, attendance and evaluation forms, reading material, sources (in Arabic & English) were put on Google shared Drive where all participants who attended the workshops have easy online access. By the end of the third workshop, two participants from the Faculty of Nursing; one form the English Department; and one form the Math Department presented their ideas for all participants, and received feedback from Dr. Ramahi and from their colleagues.

For Spring of 2019 the second cycle of Action Research will start.